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The Scribbles and the Scribbler

This is the writing journal of alohdark. It will be updated as she sees fit, but little prodding will always help.

alohdark Only writes yaoi/slash/mxm/Boys Love/homosexual/homoerotic stories. AKA SHE WRITES ABOUT GUYS HAVING SEX/BEING IN LOVE WITH/BEING WITH AS A COUPLE WITH OTHER GUYS. If you don't like to have two (and sometimes more) boys/men in a relationship together than this is not the place for you.

The fandoms that can be found within are:
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Gundam Wing
Harry Potter
Original Works
Prince of Tennis
Super Junior

If you want to e-mail alohdark please send e-mails to as that's her main e-mail and it's more likely to be replied to.

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